Poverty Relief & Infra Structure

We improve living conditions by investing funds in nutrition, basic housing and small-scale community infrastructure:




Orphan and HIV – affected Centres

Finance school feeding costs of at least two meals a day for 160 children attending an orphan centre Finance a 24-hour Home for 20 Orphans with food, study groups, technical education, subsidised state school and a place to call home Finance a day care centre for 50 HIV-infected children with food, medical support and technical education.


Village Water Wells

Drilling and building of water wells to reduce walking distance to a safe water source to under 2 hours and reduce waiting times (half day long) In Mozambique, 57% of the population has no access to safe water – in rural areas, this statistic worsens to 70% of the population

Family Housing

Recovery and reconstruction of family huts, including equipment, sanitation and limited furniture & equipment Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the world – Family Housing brings shelter, health and dignity

There are 1.5 million orphans, 500k orphans of HIV/AIDS – Urgent need of care and sheltering while meals bring very poor children to schools.”


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We support academic and technical education for children and young adults.



Academic Education

Pre-school – provide young children with access to education and a daily meal during the school day at Escolinha Flor da Infância and Escolinha Santa Catarina.

After-class group study centres – provide children with access to after school study centers where they can develop and strengthen their learning

Literacy Courses – provide young adults, in particular young and often teenage single mothers, with basic literacy skills University Scholarships – finance school fees and some living costs to very poor students with demonstrated merit.



Technical and Skills-Based Education:

Carpentry, blacksmith, sewing, literacy, IT and local arts & crafts

Finance small learning centres for IT, Carpentry, Blacksmith, Sewing, Pottery, Culinary, Soap Production, etc, also supporting our objective of Sustainability

Empowering the child for future self-sufficiency


“In Mozambique, only 4% of children have access to some type of pre-school education.

Only 44% of students complete elementary school and 60% of adults cannot read and write, higher amongst women.

Only 20% of students attend secondary school and university enrolment is under 1%.”

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  We develop income-generating activities to eradicate poverty by promoting self-sufficiency and empowerment in families:



Pilot-projects on poultry farms   |   Basic farming techniques training

Development of small family focused projects such as chicken farms, basic farming techniques or other micro-activities.


“In Mozambique, 70% of people live on under $2/ day. Most rural families only farm vegetables for own consumption.”