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A Little Gesture A Great Help

Let´s Break the Cycle of Poverty in Mozambique!

A Little Gesture A Great Help (“ALG”) is a UK Charity focused on overseas aid to vulnerable children in the Province of Gaza, a rural area in southern Mozambique.

Our mission is to promote the improvement of living conditions for underprivileged children and their families in Mozambique.

We strongly believe our impact is to improve their employability, create income-generating activities and support the local economy to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

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The child at the center of our action

Our program of individual sponsorship of vulnerable children is complemented by our intervention with Projects in several different areas.


Pre-Schools, School Feeding, After-School Support and University Scholarships


Technical Courses and Income Generation

Probreza Relief

HIV Day Centre and Emergency Fund

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Access to education and daily school feeding in 3 schools for 160 underprivileged children between the ages of 3-5 years in a safe and educational environment

School Feeding

Daily school meal program for 900 children at the Sta. Luisa de Marilac school and 1400 children at the S. Vicente de Paulo school. Improves school attendance with the incentive of a free daily meal and increases school results by reducing child hunger during classes and promote gender equality

After-School Support

Study Support classes, on a after-school schedule with snacks included. Improves Portuguese and mathematics and creates study habits for very vulnerable sponsored children.

Uni Scholarships

Support for living expenditures, ensuring mainly, university fees, documentation and enrolment costs, with occasional support to living conditions such as accommodation and meals.


Family Houses and Latrines

Recovery and reconstruction of family huts, including equipment, sanitation and limited furniture & equipment. Improve the quality of life of children and their families through immediate access to dignified housing. Improved health and hygiene

Infra-Estruturas Comunitárias

Study centers, canteens, and other buildings that provide benefits for community life.


Technical Courses

Training centers in local skills such as farming, carpentry, cooking, and sewing. Introduction to a future profession, that supports the local economy and breaks the cycle of poverty.

Income Generation

Micro-entrepreneurship in rural communities for economic independence of families. Businesses such as farming, ambulant sales, micro domestic production of soap and capulanas and IT center.

Poverty relief

HIV Day Centre

The HIV Day Care Centre supports 38 HIV infected children on a daily basis providing carefully composed and strengthened meals, medical support and after school activities.

Transparency & Use of Funds

Find out and follow how A Little Gesture helps children and young people, through the history of funds and support.

Madrinha Clara