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20th: Together we gave Marcelino a new home!

Marcelino’s new hut, a 14 years old orphan boy from the Chongoene Mission, was sponsored in 2015 by Virgínia C.

This dynamic ALG friend dedicated her birthday to raise funds between her friends to build proper housing for Marcelino.   Marcelino’s life became even more complicated after his parents’ death. With no birth certificate or records he was taken to Maputo. When he returned in 2014 his house was in ruins and he was welcomed by a neighbour who despite also living in underprivileged conditions was not indifferent to Marcelino’s problem.   

Due to the lack of identification documents, last year we could not enrol Marcelino in school. ALG is hoping to solve this situation next year to fulfil Marcelino’s dream – to go back to school as he told our Local Technician and Partner.   This hut gave Marcelino more than a roof over his head.

With the support received to rehabilitate his home the right to Food and Housing, as per the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child, is fulfilled. A dignified place to shelter children promotes their psycho-social development, and feelings of protection, comfort and security.    Thank you Virgínia and to everyone who contributed!

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