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A New Home for Lavinesse

“My name is Lavinesse. I am 9-years-old and I have a new home”

The Beginning; 2016

In 2016, Lavinesse joined the ALG family as part of the Sponsorship program. This opened the opportunity for her to receive support to continue her education. Her family receives a monthly food basket with various key supplies, such as rice, beans, sugar, oil and soap. There is one key requirement for this: Lavinesse must attend school.

Lavinesse is a good girl and she does not miss school, unless she is ill. In her free time, she helps in the house and only after gets to play. Her father lives in South Africa, trying to find better conditions for their family.

The HIV Centre

Lavinesse is also a special member of the SLM school community. When she is not attending classes, she attends the HIV Day Centre. There, she gets extra personalized care, attending to her condition as HIV positive. The centre provides 36 children with daily dedicated support, including medical care, nutritious food, hygiene care, school support, play activities and psychological support. It is fully financed by ALG.

A Dream Comes True

Last week, we handed the family the keys to little Lavinesse’s new home. Brick by brick, the project required our team on the ground including the Vicentine Sisters, our Local Technician Orcido and a builder from Chokwe to work together. Now, the family has a safe and dignified space to live in.

Furthermore, ALG has also built a latrine in order to ensure an immediate improvement in sanitary conditions and prevent the spreading of infectious diseases.

Lavinesse and her family can now grow and develop in a healthy space. And now… she can be happy

The importance of a home

ALG dedicates part of its activities to build family houses for its children and their families. This is a key part of supporting the families and the communities to break the cycle of poverty by having a dignified environment to live in. Dignity is often more important to the human spirit than wealth. 

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