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ALG Gala – Fast approaching thank you sponsors!

We are hugely grateful for all the Sponsors who lined up so generously for such an outstanding programme tonight.   

Thank you especially the Portuguese Embassy in London, Herdade do Rocim and Quinta do Pinto Wines, Taberna by Nuno Mendes and our auctioneers Sotheby´s London.

Thank You! We thank the incredible support of our ALG Gala Volunteer Hosts who worked tirelessly for months to put this evening together for minimum cost and maximum benefit to our children.

Catarina Vaz Afonso, Filipa Teixeira, Izabela Wloczewska, Madalena Godinho, Maria Osorio, Noelia de Carvalho and Sara Domingos your work was relentless, touching and amazing. Gala Event: Turku Zorlutuna from Nuno Mendes team, Bartolomeu Pais for the fantastic DJ-ing, George Pavaloaia for video footage and Jeremy Coleman for the photographic coverage.

Ana Champalimaud, our graphic materials look wonderful. Gala Volunteers: Adam Mtimet, Ana Zilhão, Carolina Guimarães, Catarina Ferreira, Claudia Freire, Gabriel Sousa, Iolanda Godinho, Joana Loureiro, Joe Hadlum, Liliana Araújo, Luís Martins, Mafalda Guimarães, Pedro Teixeira Diniz, Piedade Lacerda, Teresa Nolasco and Vincent Belo.

Thanks Niko Tsogka and Mattia Reiniger for travelling with us and the documentary we will keep in our hearts forever.

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