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This July, A Little Gesture A Great Help hosted its Tapas Quiz II at the typical restaurant Sporting Clube de Londres, in London. It was a great evening which raised two thousand Little Gestures towards our over 1’500 children in Mozambique!  

Your Little Gesture of participating in the ALG Tapas Quiz II made this a cheerful and important night for our programme funding.

The event was a success as ALG raised a fantastic £2’000 in donations from entry tickets of £30, raffle tickets and small donations on the evening.  The evening was focused on raising funds to our School Feeding programme in SLM – Santa Luisa Marillac, an impoverished school in Chokwé, Mozambique. The fundraising contributed to an ambitious daily school meal programme for 750 children in Santa Luisa Marillac School inaugurated in mid 2013.

More importantly, to put the importance of your contribution into context:

  • School feeding improves school attendance through a free meal, supports student performance and promotes better health and gender equality
  • It costs ALG £38’500 annual or £51/child to run it for 750 children in 2014
  • A team of 4 paid for one whole year of food for a child in Mozambique.

If you haven’t participated on our great Tapas Quiz evenings yet, please join us for our next one before Xmas!

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