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Back to Mozambique

This is the time of the year when UPG/ALG Management flies over to Mozambique to spend time with the Partners, Technicians, local authorities, and more importantly, with the children.

The trip is always planned efficiently to include all the projects but it is always an emotional journey. This is the time to see dreams fulfilled, to see with our own eyes the impact in each one of the lives we manage to reach and to experience the gratitude from those who have so little. It is also the time to see everything else we still have to do – new cases and old cases. It is a time to plan the future and to look back with a critical eye – what went right, what went wrong. But this year the trip is going to have an additional dose of emotion.

After the January floods the devastation and the needs are greater than before. A major part of this trip will also be spent to assess the damages and to decide the allocation of the reconstruction fund financed by so many generous donors. Among other plans we will look into huts, fields, equipment and school reconstruction.

This year, the trip will also be special because it is the first time “Mana Carla”, management assistant, will be on the ground. She will be accompanying Ana, the Sponsoring and Operations Director and they have an overbooked schedule.

Hoyo hoyo to the ones coming, together for the children!

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