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Baking away! Happy children at ALG Technical Courses

The ALG Technical Education at Santa Luísa de Marillac School, as witnessed this week by volunteer and funding partner Cristiana R.

“Last summer I decided to take on a challenge to raise funds for A Little Gesture. The challenge couldn’t have been more fun – bungee jumping at Tatton Park in Cheshire! And the cause was most noble, as I set myself to raise £1,000 to fund a technical course for a whole year at Santa Luísa de Marillac School in Manjangue.

The challenge was accomplished (not without a lot of screaming as I jumped, of course!) and most importantly we exceeded our target, raising an impressive £1,224.97 (with gift aid)

As I’m now volunteering at that same school together with Mana Patrícia for UPG, last week we attended a Cooking Class with Sister Antónia and Mano Cristóvão to see for ourselves how these technical courses are making a difference.

The class started promptly at 9am with eight students gathering at a kitchen built in the school grounds. Sister Antónia and Mano Cristóvão provided the ingredients and guided the students, as they cooked the most delicious morning snack. By 10.30am we had 200 small cakes ready to be sold at a price of 1 Mozambican New Metical each.

The students were really excited. They quickly learned the ropes and took over the cooking! Seeing the end result couldn’t have been more satisfying. The smiles on everyone’s faces said it all – they were happy and proud of their achievement!   Technical education is key in providing skill-based training aiming at a potential job and future self-sufficiency.  It was a huge privilege for us to see first-hand how our donations and support are helping and making a difference in these pupils’ lives.”  

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