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Breaking the poverty cycle through Education

A Little Gesture’s mission is “Breaking the poverty cycle through Education” and we are always so proud when we receive reports of our children who, despite the adversities, focuses on what matters the most: studying.

Zanela Baloi and Jonas Pedro Ubisse are UPG Portugal Sponsored children at Santa Luísa de Marillac. After classes, they attend the After-School Support sponsored by ALG, where Mano Cristóvão organizes reading, writing, mathematics, sciences and civic training activities.

Zanela is attending the 4th grade and Jonas is on the 2nd grade and they were both selected as the students who registered more progress, the proof is in their 1st Quarter school results: Zanela has an average of 16 and Jonas an average of 14. We are so happy for them!

Besides the mentioned activities, After-School Support also provides a snack which in addition of promoting class attendance also enables children to study without feeling hungry. A Little Gesture finances 2 After-School Support classrooms, in Santa Luísa de Marillac and São Vicente Paulo, with an annual cost of 1300£ per class or an average of 9£ per child, per year, and benefits 257 students.

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