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Chokwé Floods – São Vicente de Paulo School Update

The school of S Vicente de Paulo (“SVP”) is in the 5th neighborhood, one of the most affected areas in Chokwé. This is the lowest neighborhood in town and there is no way to drain the water as it is lower that the rest of the surrounding lands. In SVP school all the classrooms and the registrar office are affected. The Pedagogical Coordinator in SLM, Mr. Calado, who lives in Macia, has visited the school everyday. The water level is still knee-high and, unfortunately, during the floods it rose to above the tables and closets, so all the school contents are still floating around.

The school files and documentation of all the children were lost in the floods and there is still no dry place to pout them to dry and try to recover it.   We are unaware of the whereabouts of the children as the neighborhood is completely deserted – everyone was evacuated. As soon as conditions allow it and there is clean water they will proceed with the cleaning operations. The children will not be able to help at school as they are either in their own houses trying to help the family, they have escaped or they are left too weak as they have not eaten in days.

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