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Christmas Campaign – ALG has a sock hanging on the fireplace already!

Our Christmas campaign proceeds, and today we tell the story of Delcisia Massunde. Delcisia’s mum got pregnant when she was only 14. She left her parents’ house without the stability or financial conditions that she would need to raise her child.

Delcisia’s mum went to Flor da Infância Preschool looking for help, and so Delcisia started to attend the Preschool. As she started to have nutritious meals, she developed her intellectual and motor skills. Delcisia is now strong and full of energy! She is a very respectful, intelligent and playful girl, sche likes to play as cooks with other children and together they use empty cans to imitate pots, sticks like wooden spoons and sand as rice. Creativity and imagination are always present!

Delcisia also likes to write, and therefore she likes to play as teachers. Delcisia’s dream is to become a teacher as Flor da Infância Preschool teachers, because she will be able to teach and support children like herself.

This Christmas, donate now to help us continue our work in the A Little Gesture Preschools! Did you know that with only £13 you are contributing to buy bread for the 75 children in Escolinha Flor da Infância for 1 month? Or that with £47 you are buying bags of rice for the 59 children in São Vicente de Paulo for 1 month? Or that with £65 you are paying the monthly salary of one of our dedicated teachers, teacher Olinda, in Escola Santa Catarina? And without forgetting that with only £102 you are giving the chance to a child, such as Delcisia, to go to our Escola Flor da Infância School, and enjoy all its magic for a whole year!

Contribue to give to more children like Rute the hope for a better future (here)

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