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Day 11: After a sad childhood, Amosse found peace and joy at the Orphan Centre CRPE

Amosse, a child with a chilling life story, arrived to the CRPE Orphan Centre in April this year.   

After being beaten by his family he was abandoned at the Centre’s door. He was not able to talk, was very sad and thin and could not relate with the other children. Brother Licínio, our Local Partner and in charge of the Centre, kept him and looked after him. After 4 months he already runs, dances and even sings. He is a different child and was literally saved!   ALG provides 2 meals a day to 120 children, a study room, carpentry, sewing and locksmith courses in the CRPE.   

Next year, we would like to extend the support and finance the construction of a small Orphanage in CRPE, providing an accommodation infrastructure at the Centre. The purpose is to create boarding facilities for children between 14 and 18 years old who have good grades but who cannot have access to schools (usually in remote areas there are only schools up to the 7th or 8th grades).  

Our Xmas campaign 2012 is focused on giving at least 20 orphans a new home!

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