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Day 11: Inspiration in action: Community lectures shaping the future.

During the past weeks, we welcomed special guests to our schools, bringing not only knowledge, but also inspiration to our children and youngsters. We believe education goes beyond the classroom, and community lectures are a valuable way of enriching the learning process and opening horizons for future careers.

At S. Vicente de Paulo school, we relied upon the presence of Nurse Alda Chingo, who’s the aunt of one of UPG Portugal Sponsored children. With a vast amount of knowledge in mother and child health, Nurse Alda stressed not only the importance of studies, but also the essential aspects to adopt in the health area. Children were captivated by her stories and advice, creating a valuable connection between theory and practice.

At S. Luísa de Marillac, we were honored by the presence of Pedro Macave, who conveyed a unique perspective on human resources perspective. Pedro shared not only details on his daily tasks as manager, but also emphasized the importance of school, of focus on studies and the fundamental importance of these aspects to achieve success in any career.

These lectures not only widen children’s knowledge on different professional careers, but also prompted the development of crucial skills, such as focus of studies, assertiveness, and ambition. We’re grateful for these dedicated professionals who gave us a bit of their time to inspire the next generations.

We believe these experiences shape not only careers, but also promote a wider understanding of the world, incentivizing children to explore their passions and to follow their dreams. We’re eager for more inspiring initiatives that transcend the classroom walls and enable our children to achieve a brighter future. 

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