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Day 11. Mom Bernardete’s farming plot is blooming!!

The ALG income generation programme promotes small scale and family activities, at the domestic or community level, which allow families to reach self-sufficiency and the development on the small scale industry, agriculture or local commerce in underprivileged communities. With c. £22 invested per family ALG finances small family businesses such as the production and sale of soap and traditional fabrics, farming plots or the itinerant sale.

The income generation initiatives in small family businesses improves the quality of life for families, boosting the community’s economy and breaking the local cycle of poverty. An example of this is Mom Bernardete, she is 50 years old, and last year was helped by ALG to set up a Farming Plot business. A year later, we are proud to share the success of her blooming business. With the profit mom Bernardete already rehabilitated her house, reinvested a part of it in her activity and also in her family meals.

In parallel to this activity, Mom Bernardete is also a valuable help to the ALG Partner in the Chongoene Mission, Sister Aparecida. Mom Bernardete looks after children who live on their own supported by the UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme.

Mom Bernardete gave us a small testimony…

“First I would like to salute ALG, thank you for the Income Generation initiatives. In my farming plot I have no problems, I’m happy…I managed to collect 13, 50Kg bags of peanuts which I sold easily. Not to mention the cassava crop from the other farming plot which I’m still selling. Previously my production was not enough to reach such values, but now thanks to ALG support I already planted peanuts, and I’m only waiting for the rain and hopping for it to come out perfect.”

Support the ALG Income Generation initiatives – give a Great Help to Mozambique! Contact us for more details.

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