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Day 12: The success of ALG Challenges with I. Camões & Hillside School!

The ALG Challenges are a fantastic opportunity for you to pick a special occasion and raise funds yourself on behalf of our children. The Instituto Camões UK spread the word to associated schools and institutes throughout the country – W. Morris School, IE Canada Blanch, R Atkins Primary School, the Watford Portuguese Ass, Hillside Junior School, Hounslow School and St. Paul´s C of E PS – and what a fantastic result!  

£4’503 raised VIA bake sales and small campaigns led by encouraging teachers and enthusiastic students. On a sunny afternoon on the 8th of June, Ms Lumen Rodrigues and students from Hillside School, Northwood gathered excitedly to raise funds for the children of Mozambique, in support of ALG. The bake sale was championed by 2nd, 3rd and high school students enrolled in Portuguese classes at the school, supported by all the parents and the Portuguese community around Hillside.

Their effort had the full support of Hillside School’s Faculty and PTA. Everyone was so generous! There were sweet and savoury snacks for sale, drink stands, football matches, shoot outs and kick ups, nursery games, face, nail and henna painting, raffle boxes and other games. A whooping £1’246 were raised on a single day, enough to support After-class centres in São Vicente Paulo and Santa Luisa de Marillac Schools in Mozambique for half a year!  

YOU CAN ALSO TAKE ANALG CHALLENGE! Organise an ALG solidarity tea for family, friends or colleagues and ask them to contribute with a donation to your cause. Run a marathon (full, half or mini) or go on a mountain bike race, alone or with family and friends. Celebrate a special occasion like a christening with your solidarity campaign and share a bit of your happiness with others. 

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