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Day 13 – Congrats to our Technical Courses students

In 2018, we had 4 cycles of technical and professional courses, 2 in Chokwé and 2 in Xai-Xai. In total 80 youngsters attended courses in several areas: electricity, sewing, painting, accounting, plumbing, cooking, secretarial work and woodwork. These courses are organised jointly with Mozambican State, with official certification and recognition. In 2019, we want to develop the professional internships’ potential to follow-up the courses.

A Little Gesture Sustainability – Technical Education intervention area involves training programmes that enable underprivileged youngsters to learn a trade which increases their employability levels, financial independence and self-sustainability. The Xai-Xai courses aimed at our Portuguese sister-charity, Um Pequeno Gesto, Sponsored children from the programme Growing up with ALG are a recent ALG bet.

At these two stages the courses had an amazing success rate! On both cycles 100% of students succeeded with an overall average of 15!
Congratulations to the graduates!

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