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Day 14: The importance of ALG Preschools!

ALG supports 165 children in two pre-schools – Santa Catarina and Flor da Infância Preschools. Your support prevents these children, aged 3-5 years old, to become “street kids” roaming the streets all day. With ALG they have access to daily meals and basic education in a protected preschool setting. Starting from £80 per year, we guarantee access to breakfast, lunch, teachers and school material for every underprivileged child enrolled in the school.   

Preschool education is the first step of basic education and within the local context it is essential to break the cycle of poverty. The ALG preschools try to receive these children in a stimulating, welcoming and learning-friendly environment, teaching them Portuguese and how to count, to be assiduous and clean, to play and to be well behaved in school.  

At Escolinha Flor da Infância Preschool, a generous benefactor has also helped us implement and finance the Scholarship of the Flowers – an annual merit scholarship for the best 8 tiny students. Now in its third year, the children learn that dedication and hard-work pays-off – and competition for the Scholarship is getting fiercer among the joyful children!

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