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Day 17. Arnaldo’s plan to teach IT & self-sufficiency!

Arnaldo, our ALG local technician in Chongoene, is an entrepreneurial young man with 21 years of age. He has an aptitude and passion for information technology since he attended an IT course in that community, supported by ALG, a couple of years ago. With his dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit he presented us a project for an IT Community Centre – a brand new initiative that fits well into our Charity’s Income Generation area.

The Community IT Centre will fill a local gap in access to technical and vocational training. It will allow young people in the community of Chongoene to invest in their future through IT technical training for a small fee. The project will benefit the families in the community by improving the skills of their less privileged young members and increasing their employability in the local labour market.

In the long-term it will enable the reduction of the unemployment rate and the increase in average income and the quality of life.   The centre will also function as a micro commerce hub selling IT consumables, stationary and other office supplies (toners, printing services, document scanning, etc.), services that are severely lacking in the area. The Community IT Centre has a implementation budget of £4’620 (construction of an infrastructure and equipment materials), an amount already reduced by Arnaldo’s self-financing of £246.

With his entrepreneurial and solidary spirit, Arnaldo foresees the Centre to be self-sufficient after two years. He proposed ALG a return on the donation, free of interest or additional costs, 24 months after implementation, corresponding to monthly instalments of £153.  

This project will be fully financed by ALG with the support of private donors, companies or crowdfunding. Our sister-charity UPG Portugal already secured partial funding by local authority Cascais City Council.

The courses will start early in the year soon after the infrastructure works are concluded. In November, there was already a huge development in the construction work. ALG is proud of all our historical beneficiaries who give back, reach out to the community and fight to eradicate poverty. Help us to create sustainability for underprivileged communities.

Support ALG Income Generation activities – Community IT Centre – give a Great Help to Mozambique! Contact us for more details.

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