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Day 19: At the Orphan Centre CRPE up to 120 children receive free lunch every day

At the CRPE Orphan Centre around 120 orphan children are fed on a daily basis. Many of these children live on their own or under the care of distant relatives or neighbours.   The children receive 2 meals a day, financed by ALG – one of porridge for the group of 30 smaller children, and lunch for the whole group. The type of food respects the individual religious beliefs, which differ a lot – “The menu is not easy to put together since some children do not eat animals with four legs, others do not eat fish, and there are also some that do not eat animals with two legs.”

Nevertheless, they all eat beans and vegetables. The meals are mainly composed by chicken, vegetables, beans and timbauene with rice or porridge. The children also have a glass of juice.  ALG’s Campaign of the Month in June was dedicated to ensure the feeding of the 120 orphan children who depend on the CRPE to eat. During the campaign, the solidarity race JP Challenge in London raised over £6’500. What a joy to be able to maintain these essential meals in 2012!  

The new Orphanage in CRPE – a home for 20 children – is the focus of our Xmas Campaign 2012. Donate here!

Donate here!