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Day 19 – Best to bend while it is a twig!

Did you know that in Mozambique, only 5% of children have access to pre-school education? Our A Little Gesture family is contributing to change this extremely low indicator and jointly with its donors’ is financing 3 preschools. Preschools are part of ALG’s intervention in the Education area and their main goal is to provide free preschool education to vulnerable children, between 3-5 years of age, guaranteeing them a nutritious daily meal, didactic and playful activities, grown-up follow-up and a safe environment for a healthy development.

We believe strengthening children’s capacities from their first years of life will have long-term impacts, contributing for better school success rates.  Thus, in 2018 we secured improvement and renovation works for the 3 Preschools (Escola Santa Catarina, Escolinha Flor da Infância and São Vicente de Paulo) which included: colourful paintings, electricity, new materials and everything that could provide a stimulating and loving environment.

In 2018, at Flor da Infância Preschool we benefited 75 students in total, of whom 59% were girls; at St. Catarina Preschool we benefited 65 students, of whom 52% were girls and at S. Vicente Paulo Preschool we benefited 59 students, of whom 71% were girls. Thus, in 2018, our Preschools helped a total number of 199 children.

At our preschools, every day we sow and water the seeds for a brighter future!
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