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Day 19: Documentary “Tales of Resilience”

In August, A Little Gesture welcomed two very special volunteers, Niko and Mattia in Mozambique. They joined us in this great adventure to shoot a documentary on the work developed by ALG and about the children who benefit from our initiatives.

Among other children, they followed more closely the lives of Arone and Racília. Racília continues to bake cookies to sell and to help in her home monthly expenses, this allows her to pay for transportation to go to school. She’s on the 12th grade and she’s closer to make her dream of becoming a nurse come true.  Arone is an example unlike so many HIV infected children without assistance in Mozambique. His school grades mirror his dedication to studies. His perseverance and his dream of a better future will take him far. We hope for a different and better future, like many others that do not have illness as an obstacle.  

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