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Day 19: Local team far away, but closer

After every governmental restrictions to prevent the pandemic were imposed on all layers of activity, the ALG Local Team was forced to adapt to a new reality, worsened by the  lack of digital access that charactherises rural Mozambique.

Nevertheless, they did not lower their arms and never stopped working hard on their chores and activities. With a five-month State of Emergency and despite social distancing, our Local Team needed to work closely together to guarantee adequate answers to the children’s increased  needs. More than ever, the ALG Technicians felt part of a team that works for the same goal and that provides mutual help. 

An example was the visit by the São Vicente de Paulo team to the Santa Luísa de Marillac school. SVP was faced with problems at the ALG pilot project offering sweet potato seeds to families given so many of the beneficiaries were ill-equiped in agricultural knowledge.  They travelled enthusiastically to the SLM school where the programme was being successfully implemented by the local families under the direction of Sister Antonia. Jaime and his colleagues from SVP learnt more about planting and how to teach their community families to make better use of their seeds . 

Our Local Team is also and always excited to attend the regular ALG Technicians Meeting. This is a quarterly event that gathers 11 ALG Technicians with the Local Coordinators Hilario and Elisa to share experiences and ideas. 

Today and despite the pandemic, their strengthened bonds allow for a quicker answer to our children!

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