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Day 19: Margarida Mundlovo: a Mummy from Santa Luísa’s

In mid-February, our Santa Luísa de Marillac local technician, Orcídio informed us that Margarida Mundlovo was pregnant. Usually this is followed by a communication informing us that the future mom is going to abandon school. But Margarida immediately revealed a willingness to continue studying, with a small interruption when the baby is due, of course.  

In Mozambique it is not common, nor well accepted, to have pregnant young ladies studying. Margarida entered our sister-charity UPG Sponsoring programme in 2011 and we take Margarida’s willingness to continue studying as our own. Together with the Vincentian sisters, ALG Local partners in Santa Luísa de Marillac, we incentivise Margarida’s continuation of studies! It was a success!

JEMILIO was born of the 14th of May and a few days later Margarida was already back in school. Mom is providing a huge help with the baby and her Portuguese Sponsors, thrilled with the news, besides supporting Margarida are also providing formula for little Jemilio! A story with a happy ending. We believe these little gestures and this change of mind set will help other young moms!

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