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Day 20. A Brave Decision towards Filipe’s future!

Filipe is 15 years old. When his parents died he was welcomed by his uncle who made a great decision: he went to the Escolinha do André, a subsidised preschool in Xai-Xai, and bravely asked for Filipe to attend this school so he could learn how to read and write, and continue his studies.

At this school, our sister-charity UPG Portugal already sponsors 216 children through the Sponsoring programme, financing meals, education (enrolment fees and uniforms – compulsory in Mozambique) and basic health care every year. Filipe is a hardworking student and he likes to draw. His dream is to go to University! He has a stellar behaviour and because he is in 1st grade with little children, he helps the teacher during classes. Examples of hard work and dedication from the children’s side like this keep us going at ALG.

These help us believe that access to education and daily meals, in a healthy and dignified environment, allows youngsters and children to reduce school drop-out rates and to break the poverty cycle.

This is ALG’s mission. Help us grow.

ALG has been offering this festive calendar to all ALG Friends since 2011. This year, you can also print a high definition version for only 1£! 

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