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Day 20 – Hello Mr. Engineer!

Júlio Chaúque began his path with us through ‘Um Pequeno Gesto’ Portugal Sponsoring Programme. This healthy boy grew up and he’s now a dedicated young man.

His study habits and enthusiasm were rewarded, and in 2014 he became an A Little Gesture University Scholarship Holder attending an Engineering and Minerals Processing degree in Tete. Four years later, Júlio successfully concluded his degree, and in 2018, he got his first job! Júlio is an Engineer working as a Sampling Coordinator at the Bureau Veritas’ Processing Plant, a company which provides coal quality analysis services for the Vale-Mozambique project.

Here’s a few words from Júlio: “This has been a long-term dream of mine. Finally, it came true, but I feared it might have never happened. I actually thought it would be an impossible mission until I found myself amongst a graduating class.  In 2014, when I arrived in Tete, without adequate skills in the social-academic area, I felt an overwhelming responsibility to succeed in achieving my degree. With the help of God and A Little Gesture, this mission was successfully accomplished. I want to send my warmest greetings to my Sponsors and to all the A Little Gesture team who provided me a great help made up of little gestures.”

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