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Day 21: Creativity took over during the quarantine!

Carlitos is 13 years old and is part of ALG family since 2017. Receiving academic help, Carlitos studies at the After-Class Support Centre in São Vicente de Paulo, Chokwé. Orphan of father and with an absent mother, Carlitos lives with his Grandmother, three brothers and two cousins. His family income depends on the Grandmother’s vegetable hut (“machamba”) and corn plantation.

During the lockdown, Carlitos went beyond imagination and developed is own little business. Making use of empty plastic bottles, Carlitos embellished them and sold them defining prices: a small bottle for 50MTN (c.£0,60) and 75MTN (c.£0,90) for a bigger bottle.

While staying at home, Carlitos decorated 6 bottles and sold 5! Each decorated bottle has a 2-day-work process! Studying is always in the first place even though schools were closed, therefore Carlitos’ beautiful art was part of his leisure time.

More than an entrepreneurship, Carlitos has an enormous heart. Every metical saved, Carlitos gave to his Granny to allow for a better Christmas.

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