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Day 21. Thank you ALG Ambassadors & Volunteers!

In 2014, ALG was honoured that a very special group of ALG Friends, where repeated dedication, historic bonds with our UK or Portuguese sister-charities and a generous concern for our cause accepted the invitation to be official ALG Ambassador. We welcome ALG Ambassadors Ana Marta, Filipa, Frederico, Joe, Kristina, Madalena, Madelyn, Manuel, Monica, Miguel and Sofia, and thank them for their dedication to our children! The permanent team at ALG Headquarters is composed of 3 acting Trustees – Joana, Patricia and the Founder Sara – and Board Adviser João. We are constantly in dialogue with our six Local Partners and our newly appointed Local Coordinator in Mozambique, Hilario Langa.

Our intervention could not be pursued without the tireless work of several ALG Volunteers who dedicate time and resources to help us grow – in London but also Portugal, Brazil and elsewhere. This great team includes our Founding Trustee Margarida and Piedade, Noelia, Pedro, Cris, Fabiola, Paula, Rita C, Manu, Seth, Jessy, Bruno, Patrick, Bernardo, Diana, Ana C, Rita C, Madalena and many others.

Your Little Gesture is priceless every day.

ALG has been offering this festive calendar to all ALG Friends since 2011. 
This year,

you can also print a high definition version for only 1£!

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