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Day 23: Leonardo Sigaúque;

São Vicente de Paulo, Chokwé

Leonardo Sigaúque is 4 years old and lives in Chokwé with his parents and his 3 brothers. Since 2015, two of Leonardo’s brothers, Diana Sigaúque (13 years old) and Salomão Sigaúque (18 years old) take part in the sponsored UPG program where they receive a monthly basic basket, school material, and a school uniform. 

In July of 2019, during a visit to their godchildren, did UPG meet Leonardo, a shy, scared, didn’t even speak his local dialect and unfavorable hygienic conditions. Leonardo used to spend his days alone without anyone who took care of his well being. 

After the UPG visit, Leonardo was integrated into the Escolinha Comunitária UPG- Escolinha São Vicente de Paulo (one of the 3 Preschools financed by the UPG). After only 2 months at the school, Leonardo became a different child! He communicated with other colleagues, already knows how to greet the teacher and is already able to talk to his brothers about how his day at school went and what he eats daily. His health and hygiene have also become significantly better and Leonardo now has the opportunity of having a safe day to day life, working, and the happiness of a child.

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