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Day 23. The irresistible smile of Dominguitos!

Dominguitos is a special child who hasn’t had an easy life.

Due to his serious mobility issues he cannot go to school or go out. He is an orphan and was raised by his stepmother, Argentina, who everybody thought to be his mother due to the love and care devoted to him.  

Up to 2010, Domingos attended Escolinha do André Preschool and his joy and tenderness reached everyone around him. He was carried on a wheelbarrow or on the back of his colleagues, but now he’s grown and, unfortunately, they cannot carry him anymore because he’s too heavy. Currently, Dominguitos does not go to school but he’s still supported by the UPG Portugal Sponsoring programme.    

Despite all the adversities, it is impossible not to smile when we see Dominguitos’ growth and happiness. His smile continues to be beautiful and contagious, every single. Let’s keep following Dominguito’s evolution and hope to provide him a happier life!  

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