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Day 4: Silvestre is fulfilling his dream of studying Administration and Accounting at University

“For me ALG is everything, mother; father; brother, true friend and a companion. It is with ALG that I share the good and the bad moments. When I’m feeling down, with no strength, and anguished ALG raises my spirit and fills me with joy; helping me to walk through happy paths; making me feel good for having found a treasure for which I was looking for so long.   ALG found me in a very difficult moment of my social and student life. I was deeply anguished, wanted to give up all my dreams.

I want to thank ALG for its support. It is the hand that never stopped holding me in each step of the way. I thank ALG for the tenderness with which they always took care of me and specially the way they take care of the children.  For me, each day that goes by, ALG becomes a better friend, becomes a better role model.   With ALG we are never alone. It is good to know that we have friends/family that we can trust, like ALG. I have been through rough times but I thank God for having met so many good people with an open and steady heart – people that make ALG come true.  

ALG taught me to see life from a different perspective, they guided me through my concerns and filled my days with joy, offered me their friendly shoulder without asking anything in return apart from my friendship. Thank you for everything… Nothing that I have can pay back a beautiful gesture like yours… I can only say Thank you!!!

By Silvestre, one of the 4 ALG Uni Scholarships in 2012

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