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Day 5: A letter to smile and appreciate YOUR Little Gesture!

“My name is Agredisse,

I’m on the 7th grade. I’ve been under the protection of ALG since the fourth grade. This project provides a huge help for me and other children. All the support we receive is helping me to grow up! I feel my life has changed because every month I’m fed, and sometimes I receive some clothes. I’m looked after by my Sponsors via UPG Portugal and by those who keep me company every day. The study room [ALG After-School study centres] has also helped me a lot because now I can read and write. 

I just want to say thank you because I feel my life and my family’s life is changing. My mother is working but my father died a long time ago. Due to this help now I’m attending school and have enough to get by. My mother would not be able to enrol me in school and buy notebooks, uniforms and all the necessary things to grow up. I’m asking you to continue helping me and other children like me with your financial support. I’m evolving and I feel the presence of my sponsors as true parents from a distance. I feel your tenderness every day.Thank you very much for your help. I’m sending big hug to you all! ”  


Letter from Agredisse, 12 years old, and sponsored through our sister-charity UPG Portugal in S. Vicente de Paulo, Chokwé. From £150 per year you can sponsor a child in SVP, as well as several other projects such as the After School study centres, in one of the most impoverished areas of intervention of ALG.

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