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Day 5: New scholarship holders 2023: A successful chapter in education! The historical growth of the Uni Scholarship Program.

2023, was marked by an outstanding increase in the number of applications for our Uni Scholarship Program — a clear success indicator of UPG Portugal Sponsoring Program, reflecting our long-lasting presence and achievement of the children who choose to remain with us to fight for a better future. Out of a total of 50 applicants, we selected 13 finalists, who will join the 7 scholarship holders from the previous years. And what motivates us the most is the fact that the 13 scholarship holders are 13 incredibly talented girls!

This increase in applications not only reflects the increasing success of our scholarship program, but also highlights a strong presence of talented young women – a truly inspiring figure!

Many of these youngsters had to move to another city to follow their dream. This change generates a mix of emotions, from the excitement of living in a different city and discovering new experiences, to missing home and their family warmth.

But our scholarship holders are not alone in this journey. Every month, our Local Technicians schedule follow-up meetings. The first meeting was held in March, and was even more special because our Project Manager, Caio Moretto, was present. Besides congratulating all the youngsters who obtained the scholarship, the meeting’s goal is to strengthen the relationship with the group and clarify doubts related to the project.

2023 is an historical year for A Little Gesture, since it registered the highest number of scholarship holders ever. We are so proud to witness the positive impact that we are achieving in these talented youngsters’ lives!

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