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Day 6: Speeding up towards Education: A motorbike to reach more Children in the Rural Communities!

In the Chongoene – Nhancutse, Banhine, Bungane rural communities and Chongoene mission, we have around 300 UPG Portugal sponsored children who attend local schools. Our commitment is to closely monitor these children and engage their families in their educational process.

One of our main goals is to be present in the lives of the families, understand their needs and identify direct intervention opportunities. Our local technicians pay regular visits to the households to identify children’s possible needs, to improve their living conditions and to support them throughout their academic path.

These visits are crucial, but we also acknowledge that they are time-consuming. In 2016, we invested a motorbike to optimize the visits to the communities. Nevertheless, our motorbike faced a few challenges, first due to the pandemic, and afterwards due to an issue with the motor. The wait for the parts was longer than expected. Finally, we managed to overcome the obstacles and repair the motorbike! Visits were resumed, and now we reach a higher number of children faster. This is an important step to strengthen our commitment to the communities.

With the motorbike fully operational, we are ready to speed up towards the future, bringing support and education to even more children!

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