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Day 6: We see the world more clearly now!

By the end of May, Macia held its annual Health Fair! Macia village is located at 60km south of Xai-Xai, Chongoene and 50kms west of Chokwé.

On the ground, A Little Gesture found out that the Nhancutse Programme had two sisters almost blind – Laura and Cacilda. After establishing a few contacts, we arrived at Clínica dos Olhos (Eye Clinic) in Xai-Xai, through one of our providers – PITAMBAR Stores.

The owner is an active member of the Local Hindu Youth Community. Fortunately, it was a lachrymal sac issue, and after obtaining a diagnostic and adequate treatment the problem was easily resolved! The Cossa twins from the Bungane programme, who suffer from strabismus (despite not being operable), are similarly monitored by the Xai-Xai eye clinic, also attended the Health Fair.

The Hindu Community regularly invites a team of Cuban doctors with several areas of expertise, including ophthalmology, to visit Mozambique!

At this Health Fair they performed eyesight screenings and we took a few children to be checked by the doctors. Everybody was happy!

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