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Day 7 – Celebrating Education

In this last day of trip, we spent the morning at the Escolinha Flor da Infância. Once again greeted with singing and dancing, our hearts always melt with the smiles of the children, the curiosity to see themselves on photos, the joy to receive a simple balloon.  

Today was a special day in the pre-school, given it was the day for the annual merit awards, the Flor da Infância Scholarships. These awards are attributed to children aged 4 and 5 that have demonstrated high levels of dedication, learning and behaviour in school. However, these continue through their school years, as long as the children study and continue being supported by their families. The award includes a food basket as well as multiple school supplies, as well as a bank deposit to incentivize savings and have a future protection. We always think of these awards as something for pre-school aged children, however this year, our recipient from the first co-hort is already in 12th grade! It is a victory for him and a source of great pride for us, to see that these kids have kept up with their studies. To complement the yearly awards, ALG has recently launched an after-school support program for them, to give a little extra help in this journey.  

Our heart is full and a little bit tight as we say goodbye, knowing it is out last stop and the trip ahead to Maputo is still long. Time feels tight in 7 days of work, but at the same time full of discoveries and passionate conversations, shared problems and dreams, shared moments. We leave with a feeling of mission accomplished and a refill on the dedication and commitment we have to each child 10000 km away. See you soon, we stay together! 

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