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Day 7: The Success of School Meals in 2023

It is always worthwhile remembering 2023 memorable moments and inspiring numbers. Last year, we enthusiastically launched the ambitious School Meals project at S. Vicente de Paulo school, which was only possible due to Insituto Camões Portugal, funding within the scope of Humanitarian Action NGDOs Project Co-financing Helpline.

The outcome of this project surpassed our expectations, reflecting the positive impact in the children’s lives and school community. Below we include a few figures which speak for themselves:

120 thousand Meals Served: Within only one year, we achieved the unbelievable milestone of over 120 thousand meals served at S. Vicente de Paulo School. Each plate of food represents not only a meal, but also an opportunity for a brighter future.

Seeds Kits for a sustainable future: In parallel, our commitment with sustainability flourished with the bi-annual distribution of Seeds’ Kits. We benefited whole families who sowed the seeds in their farming plots, obtaining not only nutritious produce but also the opportunity to generate income with the surplus.

By remembering this achievement from 2022 and 2023, we’re celebrating not only the numbers, but the stories of hope and growth that each meal and each seed represent. In 2024, we’re eager to continue sowing hope and feeding bright futures!

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