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Day 9 – A new member in the SVP Study Room

Pedro Arão has been with A Little Gesture for 6 years. He’s successfully progressing with his Human Resources Management course, since 2017, as an ALG University Scholarship Holder. This August we were filled with pride when Pedro became an ALG volunteer!

To show his gratitude for the support provided, Pedro is assisting our After-class Study Support programme as an After-Class Study Room monitor at S. Vicente de Paulo School. This project welcomes on a weekly basis 225 students, from year 2 to year 12,  who receive academic support on rotational basis. Besides helping with Maths, Portuguese or Science, ALG also provides a lunch when children attend the class as well as career guidance. 

Pedro is loving the experience and shared his feelings with us: “I’m so thankful for this opportunity, I hope you are also happy with my performance in carrying out an activity which is so dear to me. Besides being proud of all the children, I also learn from their experiences.”

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