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Day 9: Gil dreams about spreading smiles!

Gil is with A Little Gesture from a young age. Currently 24 years old, he was one of our earlier Uni Scholarship students attending the Dentistry course in Nampula. This November, we were so proud to see him graduate from College, our very first ALG child to do so with our support!

This road was not always easy for the hardworking Gil. Moving 1’823km north from his home town, Xai-Xai, Gil had to sacrifice a lot to study… He headed to Nampula in a small bus, which took him three days and three nights, with a few belongings. He was only able to go back to his hometown two years later. He was planning to give some tutoring lessons to be able to help with the expenses, but it was not possible because the schedule in the hospital is very intense, and he also had practical classes. He sent us a moving and tender testimony this Summer and he is living proof that effort and hard work pay off.  


Everything is well here,I already sent my grades for the past semester. My greatest wish is to finish my degree and become a reference doctor in Dentistry… To work, help my family and other people in need, mainly children. My wish is to provide beautiful smiles to everyone… and specialize in Dental Prosthesis or Public Health.

Also, God willing, I wish to maintain my ability to play musical instruments and sewing clothes. I cannot thank ALG enough for all the help and for the opportunity they gave me! Thanks to your efforts I’m being able to fulfil my greatest dream that will change my life.

Thank you ALG and all the aunties. I wish you all the best and healthy smiles, SMILING IS MY MISSION “  

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