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Do you remember Sebastião?

Sebastião Lourenço Moiane is part of the UPG Sponsorship Programme since 2012 and lives with his parents and 4 siblings: Zeferino (8), Jordina (20), Esmeralda (22) and Fernando (23).  A very proactive young man, in 2018 Sebastião enrolled in the ALG Technical Education courses, in Xai-Xai.

Through our Technical Education programmes, ALG offers young people training in technical abilities in several areas, such as Carpentry, Metalwork, Refrigeration, Electricity and others, providing them with new skills that promote their sustainability and future job opportunity.

 Sebastião was part of the Phase II group of our Technical Education, in Xai-Xai, enrolling in an Electricity course. He even received a new scholarship to simultaneously study Carpentry due to his good performance in the Electricity course. Electricity was his true passion and he graduated with grades of 16 Theory and 15 Practical.

Today, Sebastião works as a part-time electrician while studying. He’s truly grateful to ALG and our Local Partner Helder for the opportunity to learn more and to feel empowered as a person. Congratulations Sebastião!

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