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EFI Preschool – The big differences

A Little Gesture met Escolinha Flor da Infância Preschool and “Grandma” Etelvina in 2009 that, since 2003, met the younger children of Marien Ngouabi village, in Xai Xai. They roamed the streets and, under a tree taught them to speak Portuguese, counting numbers and singing. Many of these children were orphans or their parents could not afford to pay a Preschool. Immediately, UPG Portugal began to finance for food and education of children who gathered under a tree and on rainy days had no school.

In 2010, with the help of a private benefactor in Portugal and a land donated by Xai-Xai Hall, UPG financed the construction of new facilities for “Escolinha Flôr da Infância”, equipped with three classrooms, an indoor storage room and an office, an indoor bathroom and a latrine.

The Escolinha Flôr da Infância (EFI) is a preschool now supported entirely by ALG and the multi-year funding allows this school to provide free education to these children, who would otherwise have no means to attend the garden for children.

Since 2009, UPG Portugal, and since 2011 ALG, have contributed and assisted the growth and improvement of the conditions of this pr-school, with an investment of more than £40.500 that provides to our little ones: breakfast, lunch, teachers, feeds and uniforms. Can you find the differences?

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