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Emergency Appeal – Floods In Mozambique

Current state of affairs
It is with great sadness that we announce to our sponsors, donors and friends that our intervention area in Mozambiqueis currently in state of calamity due to catastrophic flooding. All regions of Gaza, Guija and Xai Xai have been affected, being Chokwé the most acute case. Water levels in Chowké have surpassed the 3m, and although the situation is now considered to be stationary, there is no certainty that things won’t get worst during the next few days.  

ALG in-site
ALG managed to establish contact with all affected Local Partners – S. Vicente de Paulo, Santa Luisa Marillac e Centre Reborn for Hope – and fortunately they all seem to be safe. Our five UPG volunteers on the ground reported to be stable and for now should there be no reason for major concern.  

ALG Local Partner (Silvestre) testimonial
“This morning around 5am, Manjangue had already been taken by the huge flood of water.  Road access between Chokwe and Guija/Massingir Districts was cut, so we can no longer circulate from Macia to Chinhacanine. Water levels are going up and you can see families going to their roofs without anyone to help them. The most fragile houses are already falling apart and people seem to be loosing all their belongings. By now we have been informed about 3 casualties in this area. Tragedy seems to be eminent.”

ALG Children and Families
For now we cannot release any reliable information about the children and families supported by ALG. Our Local Partners are helping them dealing with this catastrophe within the limited resources available. As soon as we have more information we will update all Sponsors.  

In the meantime, we have launched an emergency fund to deal with the aftermath of the crisis at

KHANIMAMBO to you all for your support.
Together for the Children!

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