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End of the Day Update – Floods in Mozambique

Brother Licinio was able to visit some of the surrounding areas in Chokwé but was unable to reach the city as the roads are still blocked by the water.  He has visited the town of Howké to visit the children sponsored in school there and all are doing well.  The Brother requested the school for them to stay there until the situation stabilizes.  He is now back to Maputo where, in the morning, he will try to buy basic goods to go back and try to reach the Center Reborn for Hope. 

Santa Luísa de Marillac
In Manjangue, where the School Santa Luisa is, is now accessible but still no one around given the Nuns had to take refuge in the Hospital of Carmelo.  The Hospital is still isolated.

Emergency Fund Chokwé
By the morning, ALG will release the first emergency funds 100.000 meticais (£2400) Brother Licinio will start supporting the children, elderly and groups of risk as soon as he is able to reach the Center.   

Center Reborn for Hope
The UPG Volunteers at the Center report the tents and new water well have been established.  All is organized to start the distributions to the population in the morning, in coordination with Opway and the village leaders.     

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