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Good News at the Orphan Centre CRPE

Yesterday, Brother Licinio made yet another journey from Maputo very tired but aware that he was finally going to be able to “cross” the previously flooded area with a car full of goods. He was also joyful that ENERGY had been reinstated again at the CRPE.

In the vicinities of the Orphan Centre CRPE, meaning Rebirth for Hope, there are c. 6’000 displaced people, spread all over Mount Chirrundzo. The WFP (World Food Programme) has started releasing some support in the region, a great source of happiness and relief for our charity, who simply does not have the resources to deal alone with a crisis of this magnitude.

With this support to the broader population, ALG has been able to focus our intervention in the most remote areas of with difficult access to the larger international aid NGOs. We are focusing on the 200 children housed at the CRPE. With the help of our two restless UPG volunteers on the ground in Chinhacanine, we have also helped the crowd directly– taking first aid to the elderly, the injured and the children, or an estimated total of c.1’200 beneficiaries.  

Our Emergency Fund has also financed a generator and fuel to power a water well – bringing essential clean water to c. 2’000 local refugees in the CRPE area.    

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