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Have you met Aurélio?

Aurélio is 3 years old and he is one of our 32 children attending the Santa Luísa de Marillac HIV Day Centre. Since he’s still not in school, Aurélio spends his days at the Day Centre doing what he knows best – being a child.  

At 7h, he and other children arrive at the Centre, where they are welcomed by Sister Sidónia. While he waits for breakfast time, after taking his medication, Aurélio plays in the Centre’s playground with the other children; they love the swings!

After eating it is time for some activities and crafts, while they all take their daily shower in turns. At 12h they have lunch: chicken with rice, or rice with beans, chima, pasta and sausage, always with fresh greens from the Day Care Centre farming plot. After lunch it is time to rest to charge up their batteries.

In the afternoon, Aurélio and the other Day Care children play a bit more and the ones attending school use this time to do their homework, always relying on the help of Sister Sidónia or Atija. There have storytelling, instrument’s playing, drawing and puzzles.

During snack time, they all have bread, yogurt, baby food or cakes baked by the technical courses’ students, then they resume their activities. After dinner, Aurélio and the other Day Care children return home, to their families, and prepare to come back the next day.

At the Santa Luísa de Marillac HIV Day Care Centre, every child is special and all of them receive the care and love they need to grow in a happy and dignified environment. All of this at a daily cost of only 2£!

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