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Hilário – One year as General Coordinator

This week it will be one year since Hilário has been working as ALG’s General Coordinator in Mozambique.

The General Coordinator has a crucial role as ALG Partner providing a link between the Partners, on the ground, and the Headquarters in Portugal. Hilário tries to support all the Partners when they need and, at the same time, he facilitates the link with ALG on the ground. His main functions are:  

  • To coordinate the actions of the several local projects and provide support through monitoring;
  • To improve the implementation of UPG Portugal Sponsoring Programme and enable the relationship between the Partners and UPG Portugal;
  • To support ALG and UPG Portugalin the implementation of programmes aimed to improve the quality of Education, Nourishment and Health for the Sponsored Children through the follow-up  of individual cases;
  • To enable the implementation of Projects and support the Local Partners through monitoring;
  • To enable the development of new projects based on the survey of information and on the needs of Local Partners and Technicians;
  • To provide local entities a contact point in the organization and schedule regular meetings to keep them up to date with the organization’s activities;
  • To follow-up any issue related with the organization.
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