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International Women’s Day

We celebrate this day by presenting the Income Generation Project for UPG moms. A Project that is focused on women’s empowerment.

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality women’s empowerment is based on five assumptions:

  • “women’s sense of self-worth;
  • their right to have and determine choices;
  • their right to have access to opportunities and resources;
  • their right to have power to control their own lives, both within and outside the home;
  • and their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a more just social and economic order, nationally and internationally.”

Women’s empowerment, whether by education, training, or financial resources, strengthens self-confidence, reduces gender inequality, and incentivizes women and girls to stand up and fight for their rights. The more empowered these women are, the more power and control over their lives they will have.

ALG income generation initiative, besides contributing financially to improve these families living conditions, seeks to promote the empowerment and professional development of these women.

All these moms’ businesses are based on the sale of produce in stalls at their doorsteps, or at the local market.

This project will directly support 39 beneficiaries in total, 7 of whom are Moms and Grandmas in charge of stalls, along with the 22 children that are part of their households.

Tinita Jorge Boane is the mother of Cláudio Veriato. Aged 13, Cláudio has been an UPG Portugal sponsored child since 2015, when he joined UPG’s Sponsoring Programme in Sta. Luisa de Marillac, in Chokwe. Tinita lives with her 2 children and has a very precarious financial situation. She provides for her family resorting to odd jobs.

“The Income Generation project is great, a good initiative to helps us with our most pressing needs. With this help I will be able to provide for my family, and I will learn a lot with this project. Since I already had a small stand, with this help I will be able to have an improved stall, which will make a huge difference. I will be able to increase the goods I sell and with the profits I will start making some savings. Things are pretty difficult due to the coronavirus, but I believe with the help of this project they will improve.”

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