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Jaime – The most recent ALG Uni Scholarships

Jaime Félix Mucache is 31 years old, has two daughters and is an ALG Local Technician since March 2017, in the São Vicente de Paulo School, Chokwé. Helping the operational and daily  implementation of our projects, including a Pre-school, After-Class Support and Technical Courses, Jaime is a crucial staff member in this underprivileged community.

In 2019, Jaime showed interest in continuing his studies, recognising that ‘education is vital for the country’s development’. ‘My dream was to study General Medicine and become a doctor, but since I hadn’t the needed resources, I gave up’.

This year, Jaime will finally begin his course, lasting 2 years and a half, while still working for ALG every morning. ALG not only offers young adults the opportunity to continue their studies, but also believes in and promotes the education of our key Local Technicians.

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