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June at ALG: Month of the Children!

60 days ago, Amosse begged for a home at the day centre for orphans, Centro Renascer para a Esperança (CRPE), in Barragem, a water-dam village in Chinhacanine close to the city of Chokwé.  He was with malnutrition, sad and not well taken care of…  

The Brother Licínio, living in Mozambique over the past 18 years, welcomed him with open arms and gave him a roof in this day centre currently with 160 orphans.   Today the tears were replaced by a shy smile. Amosse’s life is getting better every day! He goes to the school, eats better and in his free time, he learns with the several activities available in the centre: sewing, carpentry and informatics.  A future with prospects to have a profession, decent living conditions and above all, love to grow!

In June please help to ensure one year of food for Amosse. For just 60c./day we feed an orphan in CRPE.  There are 160 children waiting for your Little Gesture!

Make your Little Gesture and help us to take the orphans like Amosse out of the street!

Every Little Gesture can make a whole difference.

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