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Larito – meet another of our small heroes!

Larito is 8 years old, orphaned on the mother’s side and his father lives in South Africa. He lives with his 17-year old sister and his 10-year old brother Miguel. Miguel was well-known in our Santa Luisa Marillac School, in Manjague, as he was part of the Santa Luísa de Marillac HIV Day Care Centre, in 2015. There he benefited from a comprehensive support including an extensive meal plan, medical care and study tutoring. As he skipped classes too often, he ended up dropping out of both the centre and school classes.

The Vicentine Sisters in Santa Luísa de Marillac School decided to include Larito in our Sponsorship programme in October, securing access to education and a monthly food basket. As his presence on school grounds was still very erratic, the Sisters added him to their list of regular domicile visits to the neediest families in their congregation.

Earlier this year, during their family visits, the Vicentine Sisters found the young Larito very weak, neglected and with some evidence of domestic violence. The two older brothers were never at home during the day, as his sister tries to sell some products in the market and the brother helps a local goat shepherd. Larito was left on his own, home alone or roaming the streets.

While Larito does not have HIV, he was so vulnerable that the Sisters decided to take him under the HIV center. He also entered a Police reference list that tries to control school assiduity and track children with signs of abuse. With the enforced meal plan at the centre (4 meals a day), daily baths, clinical support by peadiatrician Sister Flora and its of love&care, Larito has become a happy and healthy child. He started attending school classes daily and finished his first term of Year One with an average of 16.

ALG is so proud of our Little Heroes!

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