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Lourenço S., and why we are so proud of our ALG children!

Lourenço Luís Sitoe is a 19 year old young man, who lives in Chókwè. Growing up he was part of the Sponsoring programme ran by our sister-charity, UPG Portugal. He had lived all by himself since he was only 6 years of age, in a hut, without proper living conditions. The only support he received came from our organisation and from the Vicentine Sisters.

In 2013, he gave up studying, and in 2014 he got a job in a store (PEP). Because he wanted to go back to school and the schedules were not compatible the Sisters found him a job at the Carmelo Hospital, ran by the Daughters of Charity Vincentian Sisters. Now he works from 07:00h to 15h30. It takes him around 3h to walk to and from the Hospital, and he earns 500 Meticais a month. After a long working day, Lourenço goes to school at 18h (he’s currently in the 10th grade), and he gets home around 00h00.  

In 2014, ALG financed the construction of a new home for Lourenço. During the latest visit to the families on the 13th of April UPG Portugal volunteers were surprised … the house “disappeared”! Through his hard work, Lourenço managed to save some money and rebuilt the house in a higher place. Previously the house was located in a ditch and got flooded every time it rained.  

Now Lourenço keeps on saving to be able to build the floor and apply windows. He dreams about being a nurse and continues working at the Hospital which has welcomed him in the past year.    

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